Gangajal R.O. is a unique blend of form and function the result of years of research it revives the original taste of water lost due to high concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) hardness and heavy metal contaminants like arsenic, lead and mercury.

What is the + phonomena ?
More energy + Safety + Health + Purity + Trust + Knowledge + Quality + Service + Satisfaction = Peace of Heart & Mind

How do you that about 75% water in part of body ?
Water is a fundamental part of our lives. “Ahealthy Brain lives in a healthy body.” We need lots of Pure water to stay healthy.We can exist without food for 2 months or more, but we can only service for a few days without water. The average adult body is 55 to 75% water. 2/3 of your body weight is water. The water you drink literally becomes you! Since such a large percentage of our bodies is water, water must obviously figure heavily in how our bodies many vital functions. Pure water is most essential for healthy life.

What is the 100% confidence in purity of water ?

The Confidence of 100% Gangajal R.O. purity.
Water processing technology all across the world is passing through a sea-change. Reverse Osmosis Technology is now the most favoured method water purification in households in Europe. And for good reason. A 7 mulit-stage process + Bio- ceramic minerals R.O. with U.V. sterilization it renders water 'more-pure' than any other method by removing even the most stubborn impurities including cancer causing and debilitating pesticides, heavy metals, fluorides, arsenic etc.

The water you get
The tap water in India is often hazardous with contaminants renging from Pesticides, Fluorides to Heavy Metals like Lead, Mercury and Arsenic besides dangerous micro organisms. Even the branded bottled water is not above risk.

The water you can get
Gangajal R.O. is the trusted terminator of pesticides, toxic chemicals, micro-organisms and many more invisible contaminants of water. What's more, it reduces Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and hardness, transforming saline and brackish water into pure, sweet water. Gangajal R.O., is a product of Gangajal R.O. System Pvt. Ltd. commitment to world class quality and service.

  • Great for cooking food! Cuts down cooking time and cost. Brings back the natural flavours and taste of home cooking!
  • Give you clear sparkling ice cubes Enhances the refreshing taste of hot and could beverages.
  • Gangajal R.O. System ensures hazard free infant food and drinks.
  • TheTeaTest - Make a cup of tea with ordinary water and then make a golden brew with
  • Gangajal R.O. Systems. The difference is clear.

What is the Gangajal R.O. Advantage with contaminants ?

Chemcial Constituents (in water) Requirement (desirable limits) is 10500-1991 drinking water specifications Harmful effects produced when chemical constituents exceed desirable limits
Total Hardness as CaCo mg/ltr, max. 300 Formation of a white layer on the surface of water supply structures and adverse effects on water usage for domestic purposes.
Total Dissolved Solids mg/ltr, max. 500 Beyond this palatability decreases and may cause gastrointestinal irritation,
Iron As Fe mg/ltr, max. 0.3 Beyond this limit, taste and appearance are ffected. It also leads to corrosion
Chloride as Cl mg/ltr, max 2.5 Beyond this limit, taste and appearance are affected. It also leads to corrosion
Nitrate as NO mg/ltr, max 45 Beyond this Methaemoglobinaemia (Blue Baby Syndrome) takes place, Methaemoglobin is an enzyme in the human body which gets converted into Haemoglobin. A low concentration of this enzyme leads to mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, resulting in the change of colour to blue.
Fluoride As F mg/ltr, max. 1 Fluoride should be kept as low as possible. High fluoride may cause fluorosis.
Mercury as Hg mg/ltr, max. 0 Beyond this limit, the water becomes toxic.
Arsenic as As mg/ltr, max. 0.01 Beyond this limit, the water becomes toxic.
Lead as Pb mg/ltr, max. 0.05 Beyond this limit, the water becomes toxic.
Pesticides mg/ltr, max. Absent Beyond this limit, the water becomes toxic.



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